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How to Apply

Interested in apply for financing through CEI Capital Management?

I. Review our Eligibility and Mission Guidelines 

II. Compile the following project information in PDF or Microsoft Office (Word/Excel) format:

  1. Project Name
  2. Physical Street Address, State and/or Specific Census Tract(s) Location
  3. Total Project Size or Budget
  4. Specific Financing Amount Requested
  5. Status of Any Other Necessary NMTC Allocation
  6. Status of Any Necessary Leverage Debt
  7. Project Description
  8. Summary of Anticipated Direct and Indirect Job Creation and/or Preservation
  9. Summary of Other Key Community Impacts
  10. Overview of Industry Sector
  11. Summary of Key Management or Personnel
  12. Preferred Closing Date or Deadline
  13. Additional detail (as available) is welcome

III. Submit materials to

All submissions are subject to review and additional due diligence materials may be required, acceptance of submission materials is not a guarantee of financing. 

Ask a Question

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