Historic restoration seeds downtown revitalization in old mill towns

On any given weekend, thousands of people travel to Worcester, Massachusetts, to see a Broadway play or headliner act at the 2,300-seat Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts. Patrons make a day of it, stopping for dinner or visiting a nearby shop in the burgeoning arts district. What was once a boarded-up, turn-of-the century theater has become a restored architectural anchor and an economic development catalyst for downtown Worcester, attracting nearly 200,000 people a year.

The road to renewal for the award-winning Hanover Theatre and the surrounding downtown is a familiar story: long and filled with obstacles. Across the country, from derelict movie theaters to armories in disrepair, the renovation of neglected historic properties is now leading the way for urban renewal. The restorations are seeding success in struggling downtowns...

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