David A. Hays

Chief Financial Officer

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Mr. Hays is the Chief Financial Officer for CEI Capital Management. In this role, he reports to the CEO and oversees accounting and cash management functions, including all financial and tax reporting for  CCML and its nearly 100  subsidiaries created by prior NMTC transactions. With his team of four other accounting specialists, his role is key to monitoring and maintaining the integrity of financial reporting for each NMTC transaction over the seven year compliance period and beyond.  This is a central role in managing the complex NMTC investor, lender, CDE and QALICB relationship.  

Mr. Hays has nearly 20 years of accounting and compliance experience. Prior to coming to CCML, he worked as Business Unit Controller for Click Commerce and as Manager of Financial Reporting and Accounting for Harmony Health Plan of Illinois, Inc.

Mr. Hays has prior accreditation as a Certified Public Accountant and received his B.A. from Lake Forest College.